Last of the Fridge Eats

You know how the story goes.. You open the fridge, you spot some 

  • green beans
  • one carrot
  • 2 zucchini’s
  • the last quarter bunch of corriander 

and think what the hell am I going to make. Better yet, what can I make that won’t require a million other ingredients to make a meal and cause me to have even more left over in the fridge??

Now you know there are some assumptions made with my recipes, you’ve got olive oil, garlic, spices maybe even lemon in the kitchen already, some staples. 
Looking at the above list all that’s missing is a protein. So we bought some diced chicken and here’s what I made..

Corriander Lemon Chicken with veges. 

  1. Steam veges as desired
  2. In a pan fry some chicken in desired fat 
  3. Add in crushed garlic 
  4. Chopped corriander
  5. 2 pinches each of ground cumin and ground corriander
  6. Season with salt
  7. Just before serving add a good squeeze of lemon. 
  8. Voila. Easy. 

We also had some rice on hand so added that.  #enjoy 

Easy last minute recipe.

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